HEYZO-0661 – Horny Nurse Rei Mizuna Masturbates and gets a Mouthful of Cum

HEYZO-0661 – Horny Nurse Rei Mizuna Masturbates and gets a Mouthful of Cum

Actress: Rei Mizuna

Tags: Nurse, 1on1, Masturbation, Blowjob, Cum, Swallow

Rei Mizuna
Rei Mizuna

Scene 1:

The scene opens with a shot a horny Rei Mizuna sitting in a hospital examination chair, legs spread wide. A man sees her performing this lewd act through the window blinds, and makes his way towards the room. He can hardly believe a nurse would conduct such an obscene act on the hospital grounds.

Unaware of her observer, Rei Mizuna continues to touch herself. She unzips her proud, clean nurse’s uniform, exposing her wondrous breasts. She lets out a soft moan of anticipation as the buttons are undone, feeling the cool air against her chest.

Her pussy is throbbing, and she dips her fingers into them, feeling her dirty juices. “Mmm’ she moans as her fingers make their way inside. She’s so wet right now her fingers have no problem sliding in.

She begins fingering herself, digging her two fingers back and forth, in and out of her hot love hole. Each thrust of her fingers makes her hornier, and her heavy breathing can be heard as her tense body begs for air, lost in pleasure. Wanting something to hit her deeper, she lies on her side so that her fingers may massage her juicy insides at a different angle. Gasping at the new sensation as her fingers continue to explore her private envelope, her other hand firmly grasps her own tit.

She can feel her pussy clamping down on her own fingers and she wishes she had a man right now. She lusts for a long hard cock to be plunging itself deep inside her, and she lifts one of her legs in the air as if pretending she were exposing her love hole to some stranger to fuck as he please.

Excited of the thought of a long hard cock inside her, she continues to finger herself, scraping them against every inch of her tight, warm pussy. “Ohhh” she moans, “I want your cock so badly…”

She retrieves her fingers from her pussy to examine them, not at all surprised to find them covered in her slippery juices. She sucks on them, tasting her own saltiness before dipping them back in. She can’t take it anymore. Hornier than ever, the slutty Rei Mizuna fingers herself harder, so hard that the sounds of her wet juices mashing against her fingers echo in the empty hospital room, unaware that a stranger is watching her please herself in such a lewd manner.

“I want more…” she begs to herself, wishing she had a cock. She bends over now into a doggy style position and resumes fucking herself doggy style. “It feels so good” she moans, as she fingers herself more vigorously, her breathing becoming more erratic. She pretends to be riding a cock cowgirl position as she starts moving her hips, her hands themselves no longer enough to pleasure her, she wants more, something bigger to strike her deep inside.

“If I had a cock here,” she thought to herself, “I’d ride it like this”. She sits in a cowgirl position, her fingers still deep in her wet, throbbing love hole.

She begins riding her own fingers, moaning more loudly every time. “I’m so wet and tight right now” she thinks to herself, feeling her pussy clamp harder over her fingers.  Shockwaves ripple through her body everytime she lowers herself into her fingers. “Why aren’t they longer” she wishes, moaning more loudly. Each time she lowers and lifts herself she can feel her thin fingers becoming enveloped, slipping in and out, being pulled. “If it were a cock”, she thought, “It’d probably be fucking me even harder”. “It would probably feel so good to have something this warm and tight wrapped around it, if my fingers were a cock, they’d probably be unloading a giant shot of cum inside me right now”.

She lies back now, rubbing herself harder, wet slapping sounds echoing in the room. Imaging a long hard cock were sliding in and out of her now, she fingers herself harder, stretching her insides. Each time she digs her fingers against the firm walls of her pussy, shockwaves of pleasure ripple through her body. “Oh god”. She continues to finger faster, knowing she’s going to cum any minute. “Oh I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” she shots. She moans loudly and suddenly her body pulsates, her hips shaking. A wave of pleasure washes over Rei Mizuna as she fingers herself to climax.

Rei Mizuna slowly slides her fingers out, relishing the pleasure, her fingers are wet and shiny, covered with her thick juices. It’s not enough however. “I want a cock” she begs, and jams her fingers back in. The orgasm was pleasurable, but she knew that if it were a long hard cock pounding her she would cum even harder. “If we were fucking,” she thinks, “I probably would have cum first all over his cock”. “He’d probably be pounding me even harder right now, punishing me for cumming so soon”.

At the thought, her fingers dance more fiercely, feeling every inch of herself, they dig into her love hole as if seaching for something, touching every inch. The sounds she hears as her fingers crawl around inside her pussy turn her own even more, and her other hand is placed over her mouth as if to stop herself from moaning so loudly.

It sounds like a soaping dish being washed, except its Rei Mizuna’s insides, soapy from her own slutty fingering, the fluids being mashed and swirled together. “Ohh” she screams, and moans, even moving her hips now, trying to dig as deep as she can. Her fingers restlessly mash around inside her as her pussy tightens. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” she shouts out, and she screams as her body pulses again, lost in a wave of pleasure. Her head tilts back to the side as her body tightens, lightning running through her, a sensation so intense she shakes violently, gasping for air.

The man, having witnessed Rei Mizuna’s slutty peformance, is spotted. Rei Mizuna makes her way over. “You saw everything didn’t you” she says. “Come on in” she whispers. “What do you want to do to me?”. “Your cock must be rock hard after that, you want to feel good don’t you?”.

Rei Mizuna continues to entice the man with her slutty words. “I’ll let you cum once” she tells him, and guides him to a hospital bench where the man lies down. “You’re a pervert aren’t you” she tells him. It’s not a question. She continues whispering nasty things to him as her hand grips his hard cock, practically bulging out of their pants.

Finally, she pulls them off with a giant smile. She can’t wait to taste his cock. She can barely contain herself as she gives out a slutty moan of anticipation, planting her face next to his crotch, her hands gently sliding over the man’s undewear, his last line of defense. And then even those are taken off. “Amazing” she says, “It’s already so big”.

She plays with it with her hands, moving her face closer. However, she doesn’t yet suck it, she merely leans close and breaths on it, her face inches away, teasing the man. She sniffs the man’s dick and bobs her head, sliding it up and down, inches away, as if she were giving a blow job. The man can practically imagine Rei Mizuna’s soft, wet mouth wrapped around his long member.

She hasn’t even licked it yet, instead she drools on it, before finally giving it a gentle lap with her tongue, just on the head. The man’s salty precum is lapped up and Rei Mizuna grows hornier at the taste, a sample of the hot cum that is ti come.

Rei Mizuna licks the man’s shaft gently, at the base, running her tongue across its length from bottom to top, leaving a trail of her dirty saliva. She continues to lick it gently, teasing the man of whats to cum. She kisses the tip of his cock with her soft lips, sucking on it gently, all the while gazing at the man with a slutty look, enjoying the feeling of something warm and hard in her mouth.

Rei Mizuna can barely take it anymore, and she slides her tongue all over the man’s cock more violently, and then her lips. She won’t give him the satisfaction of being inside her mouth just yet however, and just gently sucks on the man’s hard cock as her lips glide up and down.

She continues to whisper lewd words to the man as she strokes his cock. She knows the man is dying for her mouth now, but secretly she too is dying for the taste of his warm cock. Finally, she slides her mouth over his cock, enveloping it in her warm mouth. She sucks on it violently as she surfaces, making a loud plop as the man’s hard cock pops out of her mouth. Rei Mizuna lets out a moan and slides her mouth over it again, the man’s entire cock disappearing inside her mouth.

“Mmm”‘ she moans as she bobs her head up and down, her lips wrapped tightly over the man’s cock. Rei Mizuna can feel the cock hardening even more, pressed tightly against the roof of her mouth. Lewd wet sounds are heard as she slides her mouth up and down over his cock, as if it were her pussy, if her pussy had a tongue. With every motion her tongue would struggle against the man’s cock filling her mouth, trying her best to dance it around.

She shoves the cock as deep as she can inside herself and lets out a few choking sounds before surfacing. Liking the sensation of a hard rod against the back of her throat, Rei Mizuna does it again, sucking harder this time, slurping and gasping. As she surfaces, a long thick strand of saliva sticks forms, showing the man just how wet it is inside his slutty partner’s mouth.

“Do you want to cum” she teases him as she sucks harder, moaning and saying ‘mm’  as if it were a deliciously salted steak. “Does it feel good?”. She wraps her lips around the man’s cock, looking him in the eyes. She pauses for a second before violently attacking, bobbing her head fiercely up and down as if trying to milk him. Sensing the man’s cock throb in her mouth, Rei Mizuna stops, teasing the man, before attacking again.

She repeats this, alternating between gripping the man and stroking his cock, jacking him off, and sucking on it hard with her mouth. She can’t take it anymore. “I want to taste his cum” she thinks, and begins jacking off the man vigorously, her hands gripping tightly, up and down.

It’s not long before the man explodes a thick white load of cum all over Rei Mizuna’s delicate hands.

“There’s so much!” she exclaims, before sucking it all up, wrapping her lips tightly along his cum-covered cock, she sucks on it like a vacuum, siphoning every last drop.

“Lets do this again tomorrow” she says playfully.


IPZ-046 – Cuming Together, Hotel SEX with Karen Kogure

IPZ-046 – Cuming Together, Hotel SEX with Karen Kogure

Actress: Karen Kogure

Video: IPZ-046

Tags: Hotel, 1on1, Passionate, Date


Scene 1:

The scene opens with Karen Kogure sitting alone in a hotel room. A man enters the room and waits by the doorway. Noticing his arrival, Karen quickly makes her way over, embracing the man, placing her hands over his neck and sliding them down across his muscular chest while the man grabs her by her hips.

It’s not long before she envelopes him in a steamy kiss. As if she hasn’t eaten in days, she grabs the man wildly devours his lips.

The man reciprocates, sliding his hands all over Karen’s slutty body as he pushes her against he wall. His hands move everywhere, sliding up her legs under her skirt to give her ass a playful squeeze. The make-out session gets more intense as the two lock hands and make their way into the bedroom, all the while tasting each other’s lips, running their tongues across each other’s like intertwining snakes.

“This feel’s good” Karen whispers softly, giving the man a slutty look as the man playfully rubs his hands over Karen’s pussy briefly before continuing the make-out session. Karen wants more however, and begins undressing the man. As his bare chest is exposed, Karen makes her way towards his nipples, giving them gentle laps with her tongue.

The man decides to take control and bends Karen over a table in the hotel room. He begins pulling up her dress to reveal the slutty undergarments Karen has underneath.

His hands grope her body and squeeze her breast. Karen tells the man to take her dress off completely, and she’s now exposed, clad in a purple lingerie for the man to admire.

Delighted at the sight of Karen all gift-wrapped, the man kisses her all over, planting gentle kisses across her stomach and pelvic area. Karen starts breathing heavily, she can’t wait for the man to take everything else off and ravage her.

Sensing Karen’s horniness, the man slides off Karen’s panties and rips off her bra, leading over over to an arm chair where he has her seated, legs wide, pussy exposed. He gently fingers her pussy as Karen lets out gentle moans. The man takes it a step further and plants his mouth over Karen’s dripping pussy.

Karen moans at the action and gently runs her hands across the man’s soft hair. Her mouth opens wide as she continues to moan in pleasure, the man’s tongue dancing all across her sensitive love hole, lapping up all her eager juices.

“Let’s fuck” Karen whispers as the man surfaces, and she pushes the man towards another chair so that she can now be in the driver’s seat. She grabs the man’s hard cock and begins to stroke it gently while she envelopes the man in another wild kiss. The sight of the man’s hard-cock has Karen hornier than ever, and she soon places her mouth over the man’s long rod, making it completely disappear inside her mouth. She bobs her head up and down as her tongue wraps around the long, hard rod in her mouth, making lewd sounds, slurping and sucking. She’s so horny now, her pussy is tingling and practically burning for something hard to rub it deep inside. She sucks the man’s cock harder, and runs her soft tongue over its length, lingering at the balls as her hand takes over and strokes the man’s cock. “It’s so hard” she thinks to herself, “I hope he puts it in soon”.

Sensing how desperate Karen is for his cock, the man decides she won’t get it so easily. He guides Karen off his cock and the two continue their wild foreplay on the Hotel floor in a 69 position. Karen continues to devour the man cock as the man sucks on Karen’s clit and gropes her ass. Karen moans desperately now, and can’t even focus on the giant cock before her, just kissing the man anywhere, even sliding her tongue over the man’s legs, blind with the pleasure of a tongue running up and down over her delicate pussy.

The man turns Karen over and begins fingering her face to face now. “Please” she begs, as the man’s fingers dig into her wet pussy. But no, instead the man dangles his cock in front of Karen’s face, signalling he wants her to pleasure him more with her mouth. Karen obliges, willing to do anything that will make the man fuck her. She wants it so bad now, she sucks the man’s cock with a desperate look on her face. Her nipples are fully erect now, and her pussy is burning for something to come inside.

Finally, the man stands her up against a chair and drapes one of her legs over it, exposing her love hole. He wastes no time and finally sinks his rock hard cock deep inside her. As the man’s long hard cock slides inside her, Karen moans in pleasure. “Ahh” she groans. “More” she begs.

The man obliges, and starts fucking her rhythmically now, the sounds of his pelvis banging against her supple ass, his long rod sliding smooth in and out of Karen’s tight, warm pussy. In and out, with every stroke Karen lets out a slutty moan, as she turns around to gaze in the man’s face, her breasts bobbing up and down.

It’s just the beginning though, and the man guides Karen off the chair, his cock still deep inside her, and has her place her hands on a table. He continues fucking her from behind, even more fiercely now, banging her as if she were some sort of sex toy, mashing her insides with his hard cock. Karen screams in agony as the man uses her, his hands firmly pulling her hips towards him, guiding himself deeper inside her, the sounds of her ass banging against him echoing off the walls.

“It feels so good” she says, and the man pauses, squeezing her supple breasts before moving her to another part of the hotel room. He guides her to a chair where he sits, all the while his cock still wrapped tight in Karen’s pussy.

He sits Karen on him, facing away and bounces her over his cock now. Karen moans passionately as the man’s cock strikes her inside from underneath, her long hair flying everywhere. “He’s fucking me all over the hotel room” she thinks, “Our love fluids are going to be everywhere”. As if he could read her mind, the man pulls over off the chair and lies onto the hotel carpet, pulling her down onto him. She will fuck him on the floor now.

Karen gazes at the man in the eyes and intertwines her fingers with his, locking their hands together as she fucks him cowgirl now, slamming her pussy up and down over his cock, all the while her horny moans echo in the hotel room. She can’t take it anymore, the sensation is too much. She shakes her head and tries to stop, telling the man the feeling is too much, but the man takes over and starts slamming his cock into her from underneath. He continues to pound her as Karen screams wildly in pleasure, stars in her eyes.  Whatever she’s saying is incomprehensible at this point as she is lost is pleasure.

The man pushes her sideways and begins fucking he from the sides, one of her legs dangling in the air. Karen’s pussy is so wet from all the fucking, thick white juices leak out as the man continues to fuck his eager mistress.

Theres only one place left they haven’t fucked. He guides her towards a white leather couch against the hotel room wall, and lies her down, legs spread wide open. He’s going to finish inside her, face-to-face on this couch that some other guests will probably unknowingly sit on later today. He begins by pounding her slowly, with deep long strokes as her legs are draped over his shoulders. Slowly but violently, he plunges his hard cock deep inside Karen, a wet thud heard every time he strikes, before quickly pulling it out, lingering in the air just for  second before another second violent strike. All Karen can do is moan in pleasure as she anticipates each strike, knowing that each one is coming, knowing that each one will hit her deep inside.

“it feels so good” she whispers, and the man pulls her on top of him once more as he lies down on the couch. “It feels so good” Karen moans, bouncing wildly on him, as the man runs his hands over her body, grabbing her tits and hair. The man runs his hands across her face as Karen continues to fuck him rhythmically, her wet pussy sliding up and down over his cock, enveloping it in warm, lewd juices.

“One more position” the man thinks, and pulls her back down onto the couch, taking back control. Both are covered in sweat now from the vigorous fucking. The man gazes at her and fucks her from the side, running his hands over her body. He grabs her breast and squeezes it tightly, as if it were some sort of handle he could use to pull himself deeper inside her. “No” Karen moans. She’s totally lost in pleasure and knows the man will cum any minute now as the man fucks her harder, his hands moving from one breast to another, doing as they please, exploring Karen’s helpless body.

But it’s too much, Karen’s pussy is so wet that the man loses control. He grabs her by the waist and moans as he gives her a series of violent strokes. Karen screams, knowing he is about to cum, and the man finally lets out a final groan before pulling out to unload on her face. He shoots a thick white load all over Karen’s slutty face,


BBI-201 – Play With A Beautiful Young Woman

BBI-201 – Play With A Beautiful Young Woman

Actress: Yui Hatano

Tags: Lingerie, 1on1, Multiple Orgasms, Cowgirl, Missionary, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Bukkake

Scene 2:

A room of crowded of japanese men watch a televsion screen. In the room next door, Yui Hatano walks in front of a camera, wearing a beautiful teal dress. She appears on the television for all the men to see.

Pleased to have an audience, Yui quickly disrobes, sliding her elegant dress over her head, revealing the slutty undergarments she has on underneath.

She speaks to her audience with a smile as she bends over towards a man lying on the floor. She slowly massages the man’s chest, gently running the tips of her fingers over the man until he lets out a gasp. Yui Hatano continues the tease the man and her audience, pinching the man’s nipples with her fingers with delight. The man gasps as Yui plucks them again and again with her fingeres before moving towards his crotch area.The man quivers in excitement as Yui’s face is literally right up against his crotch. She gives it a good sniff, inhaling the aroma of what is soon to be her cock.

Yui Hatan gives her audience of taste of whats to come and salivates over the man’s cock. She rubs her saliva over the top of the man’s crotch, staining his undergarments. She continues with her tease, taking off the man’s cock. A hard-cock pops up and Yui Hatano teases the man, slapping his cock with her hand fiercely. “You’re really a pervert aren’t you?” she teases before plunging her mouth over his cock.

Yui makes loud sucking sounds as her mouth devours the m an’s cock. You can hear her salivate and suck so hard, her cheeks tighten. She moves up and down slowly over the cock, sucking extremely fiercely. It’s like a vacuum. Thick saliva drips out of her mouth each time she rises for breath.

She takes further control, bending the over now, so that his ass his facing her, while she continues pleasing him with her mouth, sucking harder, and even slapping the man’s ass until he moans.

Yui continues to tease her man while she sucks him, before turning around, cock still in her mouth, to lay her pussy over the man’s face in a 69 position. The man is in so much pleasure he continues to moan despite having Yui’s beautiful pussy on top of his face. Yui Hatanao pauses her vicious sucking to peel aside her panty’s for the man, so that he may taste her naughty juices.

The man gladly tastes her pussy, licking it up as he continues to have his cock attacked. Yui Hatano moans gently as the man continues to lap at her pussy, running his tongue back and forth as if she were a delicious cake. Yui Hatano pauses, sensing the man is about to cum. “Don’t you dare” she says. “DId I say you could cum?” she asks before getting up and taking off her panties. She wants to be fucked first.

But the man won’t get that pleasure so easily. Yui Hatano guides the man’s fingers to her dripping crotch while she continues to jack the man off, her hand gripping his cock tightly. The man gently rubs her pussy, and Yui starts to moan excitedly, louder and louder.

“I’m going to cum!” she declares as the man continues to rub his hand over Yui’s pussy more vigorously. It doesn’t take much, and soon Yui is convulsing as shockwaves from her orgasm cascade through her body.

She smiles and decides its time for the man’s rewards. She climbs over him, facing the opposite direction and grips his hard cock as she prepares to lower her love hole over it, enveloping it in a warm envelope of slipper juices. She does so slowly however, teasing the man, only inserting the tip into her hole, grinding slowly before finally allowing the man to fully penetrate her, sitting completely on him, having his huge cock slide deep into her. They both moan in pleasure as his cock finally hits her deep inside.

Yui Hatano waste no time and begins fucking the man viciously with her tight pussy, bouncing up and down, with cries of pleasure. Her moans echo off the walls as she bounches harder and harder on the man’s cock, gripping her ass before finally turning around to face her toy.

She begins fucking him cowgirl style now, and even slides her bra down, giving the man a view of her supple breasts. She grips them tightly, moaning in agony as she continues to bounce on the man’s cock, every bounce hitting her insides harder, very bounce making her more excited. She screams louder and louder as she fucks her man toy, tilting her head back in pleasure as his hard rod strikes her again and again.

“It feels so good” she moans as she changes the angle of her riding, wanting the man’s cock to rub her in different ways, touching all parts of her delicious love hole. “Oh god, I’m going to cum!” she gasps, I”m going to cum, “I’m going to cum” she repeats in a horny voice. Yui slides her pussy up and down vigorously on the man’s long rod as she continues to ride to orgasm. “I’m cumming!” she yells, giving the man a last thrust and pulling herself off the cock for a short break.

She doesn’t rest long however, and soon begins riding again, saying slutty things to the camera broadcasting her lewd performance to a room full of men next door. “Ah, it feels so good” she tells the camera as she continues to moan loudly before her body convulses in another orgasm.

Yui decides its almost time to let her toy finish. She lies down on a matt, her legs spread wide, the man’s cock still firmly inside her. She gropes her breasts and plays with her nipple sluttily with one hand while the other grips he mattress tightly as the man fucks her hard, both hands gripping Yui’s legs, pulling her closer to him and him, deeper inside her.

Yui Hatan’s lewd screams echo off the walls as she declares shes going to cum again, she can’t take the man’s long hard cock shoving itself so deep inside her. Her mouth is open in pleasure as the man fucks her in a fierce rhythm, sliding his hard cock in and out of Yui Hatano’s tight snatch.

Her screams continue and become more incoherent as the man continues fucking her until finally he’s read to cum. The man pulls out and unloads a thick white load of cum into Yui Hatano’s eager mouth, already open in anticipation.

Yui Hatano gives the camera a slutty look and opens her mouth wide to show the audience the salty white glob of cum on her tongue. She licks it all up with delight and plays with it, tucking it in and out of her mouth with her tongue, even using her fingers to pick it out of her mouth and put drop it back in.

She makes a motion with her mouth, now closed as if to swallow it, teasing the audience, only to open it again to show us that she wants to savor the man’s dirty semen.

She continues to lick and swirl her tongue around her dirty mouth, covered in cum as she makes lewd sounds, blowing it in and out like bubble gum. She smiles and lets the cum drip onto her hands, giving the audience a slutty look, knowing they’re all jerking off right now, imagining it was their cum that the horny Yui Hatano next door was playing with. “Who’s next she asks?”




Video: ABP-320

Actress: Kaede Fuyutsuki

Tags: Lingerie, Slave, Collar, 1on1, Doggy, Cowgirl, Standing, Facial, Begging, Multiple-Orgams, Feet

ABP-320 COver

Scene 4:

An obedient Kaede Fuyutsuki is led around the room on all floors, clad in black, slutty lingerie, blind-folded. Her master drags her by the chain attached to her collar, as if walking his pet. He leads Fuyutsuki to the center of a carpet and fondles her ass as she remains on all fours, her ass pointed towards him.

Kaede Fuyutsuki on all fours.

Her master runs his hands all over Fuyutsuki’s plump behind and asks her if it feels good. She begins to breathe heavily and lets out a gentle moan in reply. Fuyutsuki’s master gently runs his hands along her body,  planting kisses on her back as she remains in position obediently. He finally sits, and has Fuyutsuki crawl over on all fours, still blind folded, to taste her master’s lips. Lews sounds are heard as the two exchange fluids through an intimate kiss. The master then lift’s his bare foot to Fuyutsuki’s lips. She obediently responds by gently sucking her master’s dirty toe. She runs her tongue along the crevasses between her master’s toes and sucks the biggest toe as if it were a hard-cock.

Sucking her master’s toes

Her master is satisfied, and gets up from his chair, circling around to Fuyutsuki’s behind, who is still blind-folded and in all floors. He peels away her black pantie and enjoys the view of his pet’s helpless asshole. Deciding he wants a taste, he digs his tongue into Fuyutsuki’s tender ass hole. The sensation is too much, and Fuytsuki lets out a soft cry as her body arcs back in surprise. As his tongue continues to work inside her hole, Fuyutsuki continues to moan and arc her back in pleasure. Her moans become more lewed as her master continues, tasting every inch of her pleasure hole. Fuyutsuki’s helpless ass is fondled by her master as he bends over on top of her to whisper into her ear before lifting her arms in a submissive pose. She knows it won’t be long now before her master can’t take it anymore.

It’s not long before her master decides he wants more, and takes Fuyustuki to the couch. Still blind-folded and clad in slutty lingerie, her master spreads her legs open. Enjoying her helplessness, he grabs the chain attached to her collar and runs it gently over her pussy as if to remind her that she was his, and that he would do whatever he wanted. Fuyustuki moans in response. Satisfied, her master peels away her panties, exposing her pink pleasure hole. He gently runs his fingers along the length of her exposed pussy, causing Fuyustuki continues to moan gently, holding her legs spread wide in obedience. She is his pet, and will do whatever he wants.

Spread wide, Kaede Fuyutsuki is helpless
Her master’s chain reminds her that she must submit

Her master decides he wants a taste and soon buries his tongue into Fuyustuki’s helpless pussy. With one finger in, he furiously barrages his pet with pleasure, lashing with his tongue and sliding his finger in and out until Fuyustuki can’t take it anymore. She moans in pleasure and gasps that it feels good. She’s going to cum from her master’s fingering. “I’m cumming she cries, it feels so good!”

Her master decides its enough and slowly slides his fingers out of Fuyustuki’s tight pleasure hole. His finger is visibly wet and covered in Fuyustki’s juices. He gives her a taste of her own lewdness by raising his wet fingers to her mouth. Fuyustuki has no shame and obediently sucks on them, tasting her own lewed juices. She’s so horny at this point, she even dips her own fingers into her pussy for more of her juice, and licks off her own fingers.

Tasting her own fluids

She’s ready the master decides, and guides her off the couch towards an arm chair, placing both her hands on the chair, bent over, exposing her helpless ass. He leaves her in this helpless position for a few seconds before slowly sliding his hard cock inside Fuyustuki’s pleasure hole.

Fuyustuki lets out a horny moan as she feels his warm, hard cock slide inside her. Her master runs his fingers gently over her back, his cock deep inside her now. Still blind-folded and chained, Fuyustuki remains bent over, moaning in pleasure as her master begins to fuck her now. Rhythmically, he pounds her, sliding his long hard cock in and out. Fuyustuki cries out as she gets fucked by her master. “It’s so warm, yes! Ah! I’m going to cum!”

Her master’s pounding becomes more vigorous as he grabs her with both hands to pull himself deeper inside her with every stroke. It’s not long before his horny pet can no longer take it, and Fuyustuki nearly collapses in pleasure as she cums. She wants more though, and begins moving on her own. She cries out and continues to fuck her master while he stands still, moving her slutty ass back and forth. Her master lets his pet please him in this manner before resuming control, grabbing her again, this time by her shoulders, and resumes pounding his pet.

HIs hard cock slides in and out of her warm, wet pleasure hole as his hand makes its way towards her breast, peeling off her slutty bra to expose Fuyustuki’s tender breast and nipple. Fuyustuki continues to moan in pleasure as her bra is peeled, feeling her master’s rhythm.

She can’t take it. She yells even louder. Her master’s hard cock pounding so vigorously inside her, rubbing her insides as if they were some dirty thing that needed to be clean, makes her extremely horny. “I’m cumming!” she yells suddenly. She cums as her master holds her while she once again nearly collapses, pleasure waves rolling across her body, she shakes violently and lets out a horny moan.

Satisifed with his pet’s lewdness, her master rewards her by finally peeling off her blindfold.

Fuyustuki gratefully responds by sucking on her master’s toes, pleasure still streaming across her body, her master’s cock still deep inside her pussy.

Fuyustuki’s master fucks her a bit more before guiding her off the chair into an upright standing position.

Still, he continues to fuck her from behind, now staring into her eyes to watch her shame. Fuyustuki’s cries bounce off the walls as her master vigorously fucks her, she only has one hand to keep her balance. “More” she begs as her master fucks her harder.

Her master raises her other arm and slides her bra up further, revealing both of Fuyustuki’s wonderous breasts. He continues to rhythmically fuck her as she in this helpless position, barely able too stand. “It feels so good” she moans. Her master responds by pounding her harder, and you can hear her ass slapping against her master’s pelvis as stroke after stroke his cock slides in and out. Sensing shes about to cum again, her master slides out and walks across the room, signallng he wants Fuyustuki to taste her own lewds juices now covering his cock.

Fuyustuki obediently responds, kneeling over her master’s cock, she gracefully sucks it without touching it with her dirty hands. As her master walks backwards towards his chair, Fuyustuki crawls, following his cock. She continues to suck her master’s dick as she looks up at him with her horny eyes, as if to say ‘look at how slutty I am. I love your cock’. Fuyustuki lets the cock pop out of her mouth as she begins to now lick his balls, running her tongue along the length of his spear. She slowly runs her tongue along his asshole, flicking her tongue like a snake to please her master. She soon stops, as if to say ‘I want to be fuck again’

Her master responds, turning her around and bending her over once more, clearly infatuated with his pet’s wonderful ass. He slowly slides his cock back in as his pet waits obediently on all floors. Fuyustuki lets out a groan as his cock makes its way back home, this time she completely bends over as if begging or praying, as her master continues to slide his member into her tight hole, feeling its warmth and wetness envelope every inch of his cock.

Fuyustuki begins breathing heavily and crying again as her master begins pounding her harder again. “Ah, Ah, I’m cumming!” she cries, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” she cries before shaking violently again, her wet pussy tightening around her master’s cock. Still wanting more however, her master continues fucking her, pushing deeper and now spanking her ass as he continues to have his way with his pet. He grips her ass firmly as he fucks her more violently now, still having not cum after all this time, it’s his turn now, he will use her as he pleases.

He fucks and spanks her until he can no longer take it, and unloads a thick white glob of cum onto Fuyustuki’s ass. He then makes his way over and has his pet clean up the remaining juices.

Fuyustuki obediently responds by sucking his cock dry.

Still not done, she beckons her to spread her legs again. Fuyustuki wants more. Addicted to sex, she motions that she still wants to fuck and climbs on top of her master in a cowgirl position, moaning loudly. It seems as if she will never have enough, and moans widly as she rubs her hips on top of her master now, almost as if she were the one in control.

Reminding Fuyustuki of her position, her master grabs her chain while Fuyustuki continues to rub herself againt her master’s cock. Deciding he will cum one last time, Fuyustuki’s master grabs her tighs and begins pounding her violently from below. Fuyustuki continues to moan and cry in pleasure as her master’s rock rubs and pounds deep inside her, stretching her out, “I’m going to cum” she cries for what must be the fifth time.

Satisfied, her master slides out and decides he will finish inside his pet’s mouth. He fuck’s Fuyustuki’s face briefly, before changing his mind, guiding her towards the couch and sliding his cock back in.

He will fuck her face-to-face. Fuyustuki seems to like this, so her master slides his cock back out, teasing her. Unable to take it, Fuyustuki spreads her pussy, begging for her master to finish inside her. Tugging her chain, her master complies, plunging his cock back in to fuck his doll.

Fuyustuki cries violently knowing her master is about to cum, until finally he pulls out to unload once again, onto her face.