BBI-201 – Play With A Beautiful Young Woman

BBI-201 – Play With A Beautiful Young Woman

Actress: Yui Hatano

Tags: Lingerie, 1on1, Multiple Orgasms, Cowgirl, Missionary, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Bukkake

Scene 2:

A room of crowded of japanese men watch a televsion screen. In the room next door, Yui Hatano walks in front of a camera, wearing a beautiful teal dress. She appears on the television for all the men to see.

Pleased to have an audience, Yui quickly disrobes, sliding her elegant dress over her head, revealing the slutty undergarments she has on underneath.

She speaks to her audience with a smile as she bends over towards a man lying on the floor. She slowly massages the man’s chest, gently running the tips of her fingers over the man until he lets out a gasp. Yui Hatano continues the tease the man and her audience, pinching the man’s nipples with her fingers with delight. The man gasps as Yui plucks them again and again with her fingeres before moving towards his crotch area.The man quivers in excitement as Yui’s face is literally right up against his crotch. She gives it a good sniff, inhaling the aroma of what is soon to be her cock.

Yui Hatan gives her audience of taste of whats to come and salivates over the man’s cock. She rubs her saliva over the top of the man’s crotch, staining his undergarments. She continues with her tease, taking off the man’s cock. A hard-cock pops up and Yui Hatano teases the man, slapping his cock with her hand fiercely. “You’re really a pervert aren’t you?” she teases before plunging her mouth over his cock.

Yui makes loud sucking sounds as her mouth devours the m an’s cock. You can hear her salivate and suck so hard, her cheeks tighten. She moves up and down slowly over the cock, sucking extremely fiercely. It’s like a vacuum. Thick saliva drips out of her mouth each time she rises for breath.

She takes further control, bending the over now, so that his ass his facing her, while she continues pleasing him with her mouth, sucking harder, and even slapping the man’s ass until he moans.

Yui continues to tease her man while she sucks him, before turning around, cock still in her mouth, to lay her pussy over the man’s face in a 69 position. The man is in so much pleasure he continues to moan despite having Yui’s beautiful pussy on top of his face. Yui Hatanao pauses her vicious sucking to peel aside her panty’s for the man, so that he may taste her naughty juices.

The man gladly tastes her pussy, licking it up as he continues to have his cock attacked. Yui Hatano moans gently as the man continues to lap at her pussy, running his tongue back and forth as if she were a delicious cake. Yui Hatano pauses, sensing the man is about to cum. “Don’t you dare” she says. “DId I say you could cum?” she asks before getting up and taking off her panties. She wants to be fucked first.

But the man won’t get that pleasure so easily. Yui Hatano guides the man’s fingers to her dripping crotch while she continues to jack the man off, her hand gripping his cock tightly. The man gently rubs her pussy, and Yui starts to moan excitedly, louder and louder.

“I’m going to cum!” she declares as the man continues to rub his hand over Yui’s pussy more vigorously. It doesn’t take much, and soon Yui is convulsing as shockwaves from her orgasm cascade through her body.

She smiles and decides its time for the man’s rewards. She climbs over him, facing the opposite direction and grips his hard cock as she prepares to lower her love hole over it, enveloping it in a warm envelope of slipper juices. She does so slowly however, teasing the man, only inserting the tip into her hole, grinding slowly before finally allowing the man to fully penetrate her, sitting completely on him, having his huge cock slide deep into her. They both moan in pleasure as his cock finally hits her deep inside.

Yui Hatano waste no time and begins fucking the man viciously with her tight pussy, bouncing up and down, with cries of pleasure. Her moans echo off the walls as she bounches harder and harder on the man’s cock, gripping her ass before finally turning around to face her toy.

She begins fucking him cowgirl style now, and even slides her bra down, giving the man a view of her supple breasts. She grips them tightly, moaning in agony as she continues to bounce on the man’s cock, every bounce hitting her insides harder, very bounce making her more excited. She screams louder and louder as she fucks her man toy, tilting her head back in pleasure as his hard rod strikes her again and again.

“It feels so good” she moans as she changes the angle of her riding, wanting the man’s cock to rub her in different ways, touching all parts of her delicious love hole. “Oh god, I’m going to cum!” she gasps, I”m going to cum, “I’m going to cum” she repeats in a horny voice. Yui slides her pussy up and down vigorously on the man’s long rod as she continues to ride to orgasm. “I’m cumming!” she yells, giving the man a last thrust and pulling herself off the cock for a short break.

She doesn’t rest long however, and soon begins riding again, saying slutty things to the camera broadcasting her lewd performance to a room full of men next door. “Ah, it feels so good” she tells the camera as she continues to moan loudly before her body convulses in another orgasm.

Yui decides its almost time to let her toy finish. She lies down on a matt, her legs spread wide, the man’s cock still firmly inside her. She gropes her breasts and plays with her nipple sluttily with one hand while the other grips he mattress tightly as the man fucks her hard, both hands gripping Yui’s legs, pulling her closer to him and him, deeper inside her.

Yui Hatan’s lewd screams echo off the walls as she declares shes going to cum again, she can’t take the man’s long hard cock shoving itself so deep inside her. Her mouth is open in pleasure as the man fucks her in a fierce rhythm, sliding his hard cock in and out of Yui Hatano’s tight snatch.

Her screams continue and become more incoherent as the man continues fucking her until finally he’s read to cum. The man pulls out and unloads a thick white load of cum into Yui Hatano’s eager mouth, already open in anticipation.

Yui Hatano gives the camera a slutty look and opens her mouth wide to show the audience the salty white glob of cum on her tongue. She licks it all up with delight and plays with it, tucking it in and out of her mouth with her tongue, even using her fingers to pick it out of her mouth and put drop it back in.

She makes a motion with her mouth, now closed as if to swallow it, teasing the audience, only to open it again to show us that she wants to savor the man’s dirty semen.

She continues to lick and swirl her tongue around her dirty mouth, covered in cum as she makes lewd sounds, blowing it in and out like bubble gum. She smiles and lets the cum drip onto her hands, giving the audience a slutty look, knowing they’re all jerking off right now, imagining it was their cum that the horny Yui Hatano next door was playing with. “Who’s next she asks?”



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